The craftsmanship

At Wijngaard Cheese we work with love and dedication towards the most beautiful development of the taste of our cheeses. We have a historical ripening warehouse of 1906 in Woerden in the Netherlands where our cheeses are ripening just like in the earlier days. In here, the cheeses are ripening slowly for a long time in an unique microclimate and natural changes in temperature and humidity. Every week the cheeses are turned around and rubbed by hand.

Our cheese is produced mainly of summer grass milk. Cows who eat fresh grass give softer and better milk. This gives the best tasting cheese.

At selected small-scaled cheese factories the curd will be put in drainage ditches where after the pasture go out slowly; with a lot of respect for the good elements of the milk. From this, the soft and distinguished taste will profit.

There is maximal respect for the natural micro-organism and enzymes when making the cheese, these are very important for the ripening process of the cheeses.