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Reypenaer XO Reserve 1/24 - 400 g ℮ [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE USA]

Reypenaer XO Reserve 1/24 - 400 g ℮ [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE FOR THE USA]
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1x 1/24 Reypenaer XO Réserve in Cheese Storage Bag

Reypenaer XO reserve is the king of the Reypenaer cheeses. It is specially selected and then allowed to mature for an extra long time in our traditional cheese warehouse, which was built way back in 1906. The exquisite taste of this fantastic cheese is a result of the long maturation period and our many years of experience.

By setting aside a small selection of Reypenaer cheeses from the best time of the year, Jan and Rien van den Wijngaard have created an incredibly special cheese that is available in only a limited quantity: Reypenaer XO Réserve.

Only the finest, smoothest tasting dairy products are used to make this Reypenaer cheese. All the milk comes from cows that are free to roam outside during the Dutch summer, when the mixture of rain and pleasant temperatures provides the ideal conditions for the growth of lush, green grass. Our cows produce pure, fresh milk that is rich in proteins and milk fat  the perfect start for the maturing process in our traditional cheese warehouse.


Ingredients Reypenaer XO

2,5 year traditional ripening. Cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk, 48% Fat i.d.m.
Ingredients: COW'S MILK, salt, lactic acid, rennet, preservative: sodium nitrate, colour: Annatto.

  Per 100 gram:
Nutritional value 1986 Kj / 473 Kcal
Protein 30,7 gram
Carbohydrates < 0,1 gram
Sugars < 0,1 gram
Fat 38,9 gram
Saturated fat 28 gram
Salt 2,3 gram

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