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Reypenaer - matured for 1 year

Intense, enduring fragrance and flavour with a soft creamy texture.
Aromas: slightly creamy, salty, pleasantly fruity, nutty.
Reypenaer has been awarded during the prestigious International Cheese Awards in Nantwich for three times to be the best Gouda cheese of the Netherlands (in 2005, 2007 and 2009).


Reypenaer V.S.O.P. - matured for 2 years

Mature, strong, full flavour and fragrance, with delicate crystalline texture.
Aromas: chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, wood


Reypenaer X.O. Reserve - matured for 2,5 to 3 years

Exceptional complex, deep flavour and fragrance, with mature crystalline texture
Aromas: caramel, cognac, walnut, butter, grass


Reypenaer Specials & Gifts

For the special occasions and parties, like Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, Reypenaer has special gift packages: very nice to give when visiting someone. Because of the nice wrapping, the cheeses will be a nice gift. The flavour of the cheese will take care of the rest.


Wyngaard Affineurs - matured for 6 months

Matured Gouda. Softly, slightly creamy, with a taste of butter and a light taste of wood. A creamy cheese who gives a full taste.


Wyngaard Chèvre Affiné - matured for 4 months

Goat cheese. Full creamy with a taste of goat. Slightly sweet, walnut and crème fraiche. 
The Wyngaard Chèvre Affiné has been awarded during the World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin in 2016 for the best goat cheese.


Wyngaard Chèvre Gris - matured for 10 months

Goat cheese. A soft deep and complexe taste of wood, walnut, sea salt and spices. A little creamy with a crystalline texture, kind of sour and even a bit parmesan. 


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