Flambéed potato pie with Reypenaer VSOP

This is a twist on the Tartiflette, a classic French dish that is particularly popular in wintersports resorts. Cooked slices of potato are arranged in layers and typically combined with bacon, cream and cheese. Naturally the cheese is the distinctive Reypenaer VSOP. Make the dish spectacular by pouring over a generous amount of kirsch and flambéing it at the table. Guests will be impressed and the Reypenaer will form a beautiful gratin topping.

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Reypenaer snaps

How spectacular and delicious can something so simple be? These crisp snaps, known as ‘kletskopjes’ in Dutch, made from 1-year old Reypenaer cheese, are just that! The snaps are ideal as an accompaniment to a drink or aperitif, or as a crisp and savoury element in a starter such as a carpaccio.

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Croque Monsieur with Reypenaer VSOP

A luxurious twist on the well-known lunchtime classic, but in Flemish style. This croque monsieur can be served by itself as a lunch dish or as a chic side dish with a delicious bowl of onion soup. Another interesting variation is as a canape with an aperitif. Serve it on the Reypenaer Guillotine and cut it at the table.

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Reypenaer VSOP Soufflé

Serving a soufflé, whether sweet or savoury, always brings a smile to your guests’ faces. It’s a great way to show off your cookery skills! As long as you follow the recipe step by step and never open the oven door while it is cooking, you can’t fail with this soufflé. A small version would be an impressive cheese course on a larger menu, or it would be perfect for a vegetarian guest.

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Reypenaer cheese fondue

A classic for cold winter days and for special occasions, this fondue is especially luxurious and rich when prepared with the one-year old Reypenaer. You can make it as simple or elaborate as you wish. Serve it with chunks of farmhouse bread, or all kinds of small dishes so that your guests can decide what they want to dip in the fondue.

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Quiche Lorraine with Reypenaer VSOP

A delicious quiche, hot or cold, is always a welcome addition to a brunch or as a lunch dish or light meal with a fresh salad. The filling in this basic recipe, besides the Reypenaer VSOP, has bacon lardons and steamed leeks. The variations are of course limitless. For example, what about steamed cubes of courgette, toasted pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes or tasty flavourings such as pesto or Provençal herbs.

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Reypenaer VSOP croquettes with a coarse-grain mustard sauce

Croquettes van Reypenaer VSOP met een saus van grove mosterd

You can use this basic recipe to experiment and vary in all kinds of ways. Shape into small balls to make mini-croquettes (bitterballen) to serve with drinks. The larger croquettes make a delicious lunch dish, particularly if they are served on a slice of grilled sourdough bread and garnished with deep-fried parsley.

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Crudités of seasonal vegetables with a dip of Reypenaer VSOP

Crudités van seizoensgroenten met een dip van Reypenaer VSOP

Crudité is a chic word for a snack that is often served in restaurants with an aperitif. Basically it consists of pieces of raw vegetables and forms a kind of cabbage salad. By this snack you can create countless variations of raw vegetables, but decide which vegetables are suitable for eating raw, otherwise blanch them very quickly in salted water. This recipe is the perfect bite to serve to your guests before dinner!

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Gougères with Reypenaer VSOP

Gougères met Reypenaer VSOP

Gougères are a kind of choux pastries, but then savoury, whereby the cheese is mixed in the batter.
By this recipe, the gougères are prepared with Reypenaer 1-year and Reypenaer VSOP, to create a classic French snack: perfect to accompany a drink or aperitif, but also perfect as dessert.

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