Crêpes with Reypenaer VSOP and red port syrup

Flensjes met Reypenaer VSOP en rode port stroop

What could be more traditionally Dutch than pancakes with cheese and syrup? Our suggestion is based on this traditional treat, but made more luxurious with the addition of Reypenaer VSOP and syrup made from red port.

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Onion soup with Reypenaer VSOP gratin

Met Reypenaer VSOP gegratineerde uiensoep

No other winter dish is more evocative than a piping hot onion soup for Sunday lunch after a brisk walk. We think, though, that you can serve this soup at any time of the year. For instance, use spring onions instead of ordinary onions, or why not add cubes of cooked ham instead of bacon. You can use all different kinds of onions such as shallots or red onions. But what give this onion soup its typical rustic appearance are the slices of French bread sprinkled generously with grated Reypenaer VSOP, which are then popped under the grill until golden.

Click here to read and download the recipe (PDF)

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