The Wijngaard Cheese family

Grandpa Piet started in 1936 with the trade in cheese, actually as a medium of exchange for the groceries who he provided to the farmers in the region of Woerden in the Netherlands, where he was paid by cheese. During that age, cheese got more and more important. The cheese was delivered by boat on the Old Rhine, where the old warehouse is situated alongside. Exclusively by many hands, the cheeses came on the shelves in the old warehouse.

His son Jan took over the company in 1946/47 and set out completely to the ripening process. The company developed slowly but steady. In the Netherlands the cheese was more and more appreciated. In 1975, the third generation showed up, with daughter Riet, son Jan and since 1995 son Rien.

The Wijngaard Cheese family has always set out to the ripening of cheeses for the gastronomy. Because it turned out very soon that the taste of the cheeses was extraordinary. Characterized by complete and complex flavours and creamy cheese. The old warehouse, together with the craftsmanship, hand down from father to son, played a leading role.

Even today it’s very important that the family and employees will be connected for a long while to the company, to make sure that the knowledge and experience for the ripening of the most beautiful cheeses remains kept. The time, the peace and the experience make the most beautiful cheeses.